Looking for a server to Code on

Hello,Im Fluxx and im looking for a server to Lua code on. If you want to talk to me,Add me on steam @ Fluxx (one with the jeff the killer) And we will talk about working on your server,I am not charging for it.

Can you give me a link to your steam profile?

My community is poor as of now…
So I couldint pay you with shit yet.

Are you still interested?
I need some new Devs.


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Just search Fluxx, Jeff the killer as picture

I attempted to look up your profile on Steam, but was unable to find it. I even Google’d ‘Jeff the Killer’ to ensure I was picturing the right thing, haha. I am in need of a LUA coder for my server and I’d like to talk to you about what you can do to help me. I know you mentioned you are doing it for free, but I am willing to pay you if the work turns out well enough and we get along well. Rates are totally negotiable, of course.

Also, I tried to PM you on these boards, but it would appear as though that is not an option…? Not sure what to do here. If you’d like me to link you to my Steam profile, I can do so. However, I’d rather exchange information through a private method, if possible.

Let me know,

Let me know if you are interested, please