LOOKING FOR A SERVER TO PLAY ON. Please be the server :)

My group of friends(3-7 people on at any time) and I are looking for a server to play on.

If you have a server with ALL of the following, let me know :).

*Uncraftable= Explosives or C4

*Everything else must be craftable - but can be harder to obtain.

*1/2 or less craft time


*US Central or East

*Current avg population between 0-20ish

*Max slots aren’t important but prefer 50+

*Active non-abusive/advantage gaining/random teleporting admins

*Prefer a server wiped within 2 days of the current day you are reading this.

Please post all details about your server(you can even just post a link to your post if you already have one on here).

Thanks :)!

Multiplay :: [EU] Oxide |Door Sharing|PVP|Slepers|Whiped 17.1|

JOIN TODAY AND GET 3000Wood !! Its only today

Is a new server ,
Atm there is no airdrops, we want to let the players settle in
ppl who want to join in are more than welcome :slight_smile:

We have Oxide installed
So you can share your doors with your friends!

Craft time = 3/4

( F1 ) Net.connect

Server is hosted in stocholm
50slot’s server

Server admins :



Server Was Whiped today 17/1/2014

Hope to se you ingame !


US West doe :frowning:

My server meets all of those points except we still have craftable C4/Explosives. The server is basically classic with the addition of doorshare and a half craft time. We literally just brought the server up last night around 10 PM EST so it is very fresh, if you are interested join [US Central]:PvP:Oxide - Sleepers & DoorShare (Fresh 1/17/14) the IP is - “”. We will not give you any wood or anything extra for joining our server but we do have a small starter kit (1 Stone Hatchet and 3 Cooked Chicken).

I can’t fill all your requirements, but I can tell you what’s different about my server and what you’re requesting.

Yes, C4 is uncraftable, but so is also M4, P250, Shotgun and Bolt Action Rifle. They’re exclusive to airdrops. The MP5 and 9mm can be crafted though.

The droprate on C4 is extremely low, with a maximum of 2 C4 from a drop.

The server is based in Germany, not the US.

Our player population ranges between 10-30ish

We have 50 slots, thinking about upgrading.

The server hasn’t been wiped in a while, but it is imminent.

We have a super friendly community, and I’m sure you’d love the players on our server.

Our crafttime is 0.2, 20% of original.

We’re only two admins, We’re in our twenties, know what we’re doing, and we are good at distinguishing admin roles vs player roles.

Doorshare – Yup :slight_smile:

Check our facepunch thread out here.


I am not interested in any server outside of the US or Canada, sorry.

Hey Eric,
You maybe interested in our server. Its hosted in Toronto Canada.

  • Jeff (Owner)
  • Nex (Head Admin)
  • Evan (Head Admin)
  • Seba (Head Admin)
  • BrAinStoRm (Sub-Admin)
  • Soultek (Sub-Admin)

Every admin there and owner abuse the fuck out of the power they have they run around and raid in full admin gear. They also kill players while wearing the gear then say they had no admin gear on 5 close range shotgun blasts and they didn’t die. The stayed out side a base and taunted a friend of mine for a good 30 minutes. I later confronted them about it and they said he could of left, but each time he tried to leave to join the rest of us he was gunned down. If thats not admin abuse then i dunno what is.

  • Economy (Configurable Version)
  • Bounty

The Economy is BROKEN!!! me and my friend joined the server and looked at the economy saw that 1 leather sold for $100 and then looked at how much you could buy cloth for. Cloth was $50 to buy. We then decided ok we will make some money on this server got a bunch of leather and started to make money. Later that day we got raided and guess who raided us?? Thats right the admins in full invis gear came in blowing up walls and killing me and my friends and asked why we had so much leather in our furnaces, before I could say anything and just because I was on at the time I got a nice server ban. No reason what so ever. So i was like WTF admins came into our house and then decided to kill me ban me and destroy the rest of the base. I decided to get into the TS and ask them what they were doing, they then accused us of hacking and spawning in items. Wrong we used what they made to get items. They then told me that I was banned because I was playing with hackers. Two of my friends were on the server that day and were accused of hacking when what they were doing was being good shots with the guns in the games. I thought the admins and stuff were ok/cool, but OMG was I wrong. This server is shit and deserves to be shut down I will be looking forward to seeing there site and make sure that every person that joins knows of the admin abuse that these admins AND owner give.