Looking for a server (US)

Hey, austin101 here. I’m 24 year old male in the US (EST) and I am a very new player to RUST (Started 01/15/2014).

I’m interested in joining some servers to I made a list of what I’m looking for.
Please reply if you server meets any of these 3 sections.

Server 1 (Survival / PVP with Safe’s)
➨ Team Speak 3
➨ Disabled C4 / Grenades (I want my stuff save if I place an iron door down)

Server 2 (Creative Server)
➨ Ability to Spawn materials anytime with commands to just build
➨ PvP Disabled
➨ Team Speak 3 (Optional)

Server 3 (Anything Else)
➨ TeamSpeak 3 (Must have)
➨ Let me know why I should join and what your server is about.


Feel free to add me on steam as well