Looking for a server with following.

I wants it to be running something extra. The main things I wants is like
Pc Mod
Advance Duplicator
Evocity or Downtown.

If anyone has anything like that please send me :3

Google “Unoriginal Mingepile”, I’m sure it will get you what you need.


DarkRP on evocity, buyable permanant cars and weapons, several updates a month, GIANT playerbase, PHX3, amazing server.

Too bad I quit for Serious RP. :frowning:




The problem about it is there are no stools and there is no wire, its just roleplay but it is still a fun server to play on once and a while.

Another problem is it is minge heaven. Prop blocking is allowed because props are destroyable, so everyone does it. People will run into the nexus and prop block all the coridors. Cops are rdmd every second. There is no NLR on account of when you die, your a ghost from 1 minute to 3 minutes. Revenge killing is allowed, and the admins arent that great. I can think of several servers that meet your request. LEt me just find em.