Looking for a server without Admin Abuse

My 3 friends and I continuously get abused by admins, whether it be killed, spawning C4 for friends to kill us, admins revealing our stash locations, or just flat out banning us. We are good players, and we record absolutely everything. Despite this we are constantly accused of hacking, and in the case of our last server, the Admin’s friends would kick us during combat, and then blow up the chat with trash talk about how they killed us. We do not make friends, we do not play nicely, and we kill anyone and everyone. We are ruthless, but we are completely legitimate. I will always provide you with videos whenever you request it.

My requirements:

Admin does not play on his own server. I want a completely unbiased Admin.
Very active and willing to accept videos from me as proof against cheaters.
Average pop 20~50
Admin above the age of 23.

If you spam me with your generic server message I’m going to ignore you.