Looking for a server without Admin Abuse.

My 3 friends and I continuously get abused by admins, whether it be killed, spawning C4 for friends to kill us, admins revealing our stash locations, or just flat out banning us. We are good players, and we record absolutely everything. Despite this we are constantly accused of hacking, and in the case of our last server, the Admin’s friends would kick us during combat, and then blow up the chat with trash talk about how they killed us. Ultimately they banned us because we kept raiding them, and when we contact the Admin he refused to do anything about it claiming “I was not in his banlist”. We do not make friends, we do not play nicely, and we kill anyone and everyone. We are ruthless, but we are completely legitimate. I will always provide you with videos whenever you request it.
My requirements:

Admin does not play on his own server. I want a completely unbiased Admin.
Very active and willing to accept videos from me as proof against cheaters.
Average pop 20~50 Admin above the age of 23.
No “Admin events”
No “Uncraftable C4”
Preferably no durability, but that’s whatever.

If you spam me with your generic server message I’m going to ignore you.

tl;dr - Admin around to accept videos of hackers, doesn’t ban me cause his friends get mad.

If your interested in joining one of 2 servers(I am an admin on 2 because im not abusive)
friend me in steam, Darqen

If only my server HAD a population I would post it for you :S

Hows about you give me the net.connect since you’re not accepting my request

And I’m looking for a DE server without russians.

See, nobody gets what he wants. :v:

play on the official servers, 0 admin abuse there


Hi Sylfaen

Read your post I am 48 and own and run a server with 2 other leaders (Over 18years) as admins for our clan. As admins dont abuse your fun to play. You and your friends are welcome to join our server. If you interested then pm me for details.

I am the admin of the server ABSOLUT RUST. It is a vanilla server that appears to meet all your requirements. The only time we have any sort of “event” is right before a wipe we may have some sort of war or staged battle. I am almost always available to address any issues. Come check out our server and ask the people there and you will get a good feel for it!

I can pm you the details!


check out this forum post, this is a great server that just opened up for the same reason you are posting on here.

i have played on it for the last week and although it is a low server pop, im sure it will increase with the awesome admins they have on there so far.


server ip is in the forum post.

Me and 3 other admins run a 100 slot UK based server. We have a website with a forum for reporting players which has around 90 registered users.

We ban any players with a vac ban on there steam profile and do random player checks on players on the server ( Asking for screenshots etc)

Our website is : www.murderrustrespawn.co.uk

Zero admins… So hackers run rampant.

If ya feel like it we just wiped a bit ago


Good server but I get horrible lag on any FPSPlayers hosted server.

Well. The official servers don’t have admin abuse.

Come play on our server. We got tired of admin abusers and got our own server. Even named it “NO admin abuse”

Multiplay :: [EU] dalk \m/ /PvP|Sleeper|Airdrop\ NO admin abuse

We don’t meet the 20 people yet, but there is no abuse or any kind of that.

Currently 10 people online starter an hour ago or so.

Not going to recruit with the IP just check my created threads.

Good luck.

(It’s English/German)

Server I play on doesn’t have much KOS, has multiple experienced groups and 100% no admin abuse net.connect

Hello! I am here to tell you about this amazing Rust server called BlackSlayer and you should all come and play on with us! Come join at this ip: net.connect It’s a sever with many custom plugins. It also has instacraft an amazing economy! It’s a growing sever able to expand to more slots when needed. You will have no trouble starting out and the admins are very helpful! When you join all you will have to do is type “/kit help” without the quotes for instructions to get the starter kit or ask for help in chat and your set! So if you want to come play with us come join at this ip: net.connect

new server. no military weapons. you can get everything from bears/wolves.