Looking for a serverwide music player addon.

Gday, i run a server and i am wanted to broadcast music to players across the server. kinda like the music/radio plugins for csgo or something with cueing systems and stuff

hope someone could let me know of something i can do to achieve this. Cheers

I made something like this (named JukeBox) which could access youtube and play songs but it’s not free.

I have yet to see a music player addon that’s free.

To just play a sound file to all players:
if SERVER then
function PlaySoundPlayer(ply, sound)
elseif CLIENT then
net.Receive(“playsound”, function(ply)
end )
– Usage –
– PlaySoundPlayer(playerEntity, soundFile) –

place in lua/autorun

I didnt state that i wished it to be a free way to do so. i dont mind if i have to pay for an addon

Noticed you have two threads for the same thing. Check out scriptfodder.com for all your needs :slight_smile:

WolfDJ, if that still exists.

Wyozi Media Player Plus (wmc+) is pretty dank. Search it up.