Looking for a Simple, Modular administrative system.

I’d like to find a simple but modular administrative system for my Garry’s Mod server. By “Simple”, I mean that it’s just chat / console commands, none of this annoying GUI stuff (like ULX). Are there any like this, or am I going to have to roll my own?

Try Evolve or Exsto.

If you don’t like GUI stuff get Evolve simple, good and got many commands.

I tried out Evolve but I don’t like how it just throws it’s configuration into an unreadable text file :frowning:

EDIT: Also the UI has no options to configure the server how I want, which sucks :confused:

That’s configuration storage. You can configure what you need in the lua files.

[DEL]Can I modify the backend, so I can decide how Evolve saves it’s data?[/DEL] Turns out I can’t, it’s not modular in the way it saves data.

EDIT: I see why it’s so ugly, It’s using vON, which is known to look bad.

what’s wrong with vON, it’s pretty damn fast and flexible too

Can vouch for evolve. It works well and compatibly with most gamemodes.

There’s nothing wrong with vON, it’s just the fact that it’s output is ugly, so I can’t play around with the configuration files. The concept behind it is great, but the creator stopped supporting “nice mode”.

The output is “ugly” because it isn’t made for human reading, is simplified and made fast for the computer to read.

Use Exsto - you can store data on your MySQL server, or to SQLite (default).

I used Exsto on a server I previously administrated. It’s a nice system, but not as simple as I’m looking :confused: I guess I’ll be rolling my own addon then.

That’s the best idea. If none of the existing ones have what you want, make your own.

Is there a way to disable the menu on ULX?

Revoke the xgui_ permissions, I believe.

I believe I’ve done that before, but players still have access. I’ll try reinstalling ULX and doing that now. Thanks

Just a heads up, but ULX kinda sucks since it detours every hook.

Yes but none of the other options even come close to how many features and plugins ULX.

Although moderator does seen promising.

However ULX is more of a beginners admin mod. It also overrides a ton of default functions that just make it a hassle. However it is easy to make a plugin for it and there are already TONS of features as you said.

Moderator seems to be quite impressive as it is now. Could be a great one when it’s done.

Exsto and Evolve are much more modular than ULX; more third-party plugins may seem appealing to someone who doesn’t know lua, but you’ll quickly see the issues when you try to develop something yourself.