Looking for a small bank map.

Hello, I’m looking for some bank maps in Gmod. I’ve downloaded quite a few of these maps, but most of them are the large, fancy style banks (for example, ph_bank). What I’m trying to find is a small or medium-size bank. A couple of examples I’d like to list are GO Bank/de_bank from Payday 2/CS:GO, or the Trustee & Harvest Bank, also from Payday 2.

I’ve found de_bank on Steam Community; however, it couldn’t really work without L4D2, and I only have L4D1.

If anyone knows of a good map that fits this description, please let me know!

Thank you!

ttt_bank is a smaller bank map with two floors and an underground vault.

That’s more in line of what I’m looking for. Do you know of any other maps like that?

I’ve stumbled upon this thread by accident, and it happens that I’ve ported Bank from CSGO. But you need to have CSGO mounted to play it.