Looking for a Small Gaming Group/Clan for Rust and other Games

Hey! I’m looking for a Small Gaming Clan/Group for Rust and other Games as well! My name is Spartan, and I think I should tell you a little bit about myself!

I’m 14yrs old (Mature) and I have been a Gamer ever since I could remember! I have 680hrs on Rust and I used to be part of the Clan, NWO, for Rust. Until it got shutdown. I do consider myself a pretty good shot, considering that I always get accused of “hacking” “no recoil” etc etc. I am not looking for a Huge Complex Clan… I’m just looking for some cool people who log on every so often to play some Games with! My Gaming style depends on who I’m with and what Game I’m playing. If I’m with some serious guys, and we’re playing Rust, I won’t talk too much and I will only call out when necessary… However, if I’m with some guys who are having fun and messing around… I’ll join in on the fun :slight_smile: Now, 14 years old… I know what you’re thinking… “Oh God, some White Fat Kid Squeaker with a Mic Shoved down his throat” Aha, well I’ve always kind of considered myself a “Mature Gamer” I don’t really like the idea of Annoying Others… So, I tend to try to really make a First impression and get people to like me :slight_smile: Anyway, I do play other Games besides Rust… I have a variety of Games, which include: Rust, CS:GO, Terraria, Minecraft, 7 Days to Die, Arma 2, Arma: Operation Arrowhead, Arma 3, The Forest, and many more! I like to play any Genre of Games… But my favorite Genre for Gaming is, Sandbox Open World Survival MMO. Last thing… About “My” VAC Ban… First of all, NO, it is not MY Vac Ban… but there were hacks involved… This VAC Ban is around 2yrs old, and this Steam Account used to be my Brother’s Steam Account… He got some free hacks from a website and decided to install them for a game called, TF2. He got caught and got banned, he then later on gave me this account for my Birthday, because it had Games in it and he didn’t want to play Games anymore… So, yeah! If you are willing to let me in your Group/Clan, please add me on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/SpartanGaming117/
or add me on Skype: xxspiritualangelxx
or you can just reply to this Thread! Thank you for reading this!