Looking for a small "team" to make machinima's with.

Hi my name is Vincent, Call me Vince.
I like to make machinima’s on Gmod, Because Gmod is very easy and handy to make video with.
Only all the Machinima’s I made are crap. that’s not because im very bad in story making but
I need to do everything on my own. I don’t have actors or people who are very good with making machinima’s

Now if you also like making machinima’s, And your a good Editor, Actor, or anything join!
Also if you already have a crew, I would like to join you.
What i can do is, Film full HD 60 fps / 30 Fps 1080P 1920x1080.
I can make a 3D Logo + Intro’s
All the video’s will be uploaded on youtube. Everyone who helped will get in the credits.
I’m not going to be Ego. Also IF i get partnership (Not going to happen) And we would make money.
I would be fair and split all the money with everyone who worked on the video. But it’s only for fun
Please add me on skype so we could talk; Vincedoorn.

this is very suspicious considering this is your first post and you signed up this month. plus

IIRC unless you get like 100k views per video the payment is a pittance.

If your trying to make an appealing request, learn to check your spelling first.

Instead of a cynical response, I think this guy deserves the benefit of the doubt. I remember back in like 2005 I asked the same thing on Facepunch, and I had some genuine intentions to make something good, even if I was still a kid. Think I could’ve learned a lot if someone’d help me back then - so, on that note I can edit the entire thing and compose music for you.

Suspicious? Well this is my first post because this is a good forum to post things like that.
And this is a bigger community then other community.
I know there are some “gaps” in my spelling because im not from england or America. Im dutch and 14
I also know that i wont get partnership. I said IF, and also said that it would not happen.
This isn’t a troll so don’t judge me :confused: Just trying to make videos and have fun.

I’m in.

that doesn’t instill confidence.

I’ll be the ideas guy if you pay me 75 dollars an hour via pay pal