Looking for a squad/community

I’m a very regular player (3-6hours daily) I can shoot, hunt, gather supplies, build & anything you need me to do!

I’m 18 (I don’t exactly sound it but short of putting my ID on the internet there is no way to prove it

I have a teamspeak we can use or you can tell me yours!

I am looking preferably for a community of players that are on a moderately popular server and get regular pvp/action

i’d prefer my age but will play with anyone over 14…

Hey buddy, we are actually looking for people to play with us, how would you feel about joining me and my friends on our server?

Yo join me and my friends. Were in element0 server atm. The ip is on their website element0.com

Hello there I have a community just starting up as if 2 days ago and we just got a rust server and it’s steadily getting more and more populated each day. I have a Ts too. Add me on steam:hyperactivehamster. Thank you

Check out http://www.crimson-ops.com

We have over 50 active members, many making the transition over to Rust. We have our own 100 pop server, just wiped on the 18th. We do clan events, such as these from tonight:

Shittiest server of all time. 50 active players and 20 of them are hackers duping c4

You must be thinking of another server… We don’t have 50 active players on our server, we have about 20.