Looking for a stool that allows angle snapping with easy weld

I used to have this stool that was easy weld with angle snapping when you held down shift (It was 45 angle snapping) I’ve lost it and I’m looking to find it again.

I know Easy Precision has this built in but I’d rather have a tool dedicated to this purpose, and I know it exists. I’ve tried searching for it in garrysmod.org but no luck. I think it was called Easy Weld w/ snapping or something similar.

I think it comes with Wiremod.

I think it doesn’t.
Note: It doesn’t.

The “Easy Precision” tool is simple to use, and offers this. :slight_smile:

WAIT…it comes with the Advanced Duplicator SVN, added at the bottom of the toolmenu’s list.

Wiremod’s SVN is 3 parts (wire, model pack, and AdvDupe), so I just said “Wiremod.” :derp:

He’s referring to Easy Weld w/ snapping.


Wait, I don’t fully understand, what is “it”, the easy weld or easy precision?

Do you mean snapping to a grid? If so then its called Smart-Snap.

Easy precision is an excellent tool. Works like easy weld and it doesn’t leave an annoying space inbetween props like easy weld does.

Smart-Snap + Easy Precision = Amazing.

Lol, how’d that get into Adv dupe? I’ll ask about that.