Looking for a strong clan to come down to my server and raid some morons


I have a very strong group on my server and they are morons, they are strong because of their number, around 15.

I’m looking for a strong clan do come down to my server and raid them. I’m willing to help the new guild with lots of wood, metals and etc.

contact me: coronamorexxx@gmail.com

So you as the owner/admin of the server are willing to abuse your powers to get rid of 15 people that have put alot of time an effort on to YOUR server because YOU think they are “morons”. Owners/admins like you should not be allowed to own a server. I mean if you wanted them gone just ban them from your server because once they find out you helped fund their being raided they will leave anyway.

maybe it isn’t his server ‘my server’ cuold mean that its server hes currently playing.

Yeah I’m not the server admin, I’m a player on the server!

You should not be allowed to post on this forum.

He is not an admin! he is a player I think

Exactly! I am a player, dude!

Wow 15 people will kinda be hard to take down that many people. If your smart it will not be that hard if they are “morons” then you should be able to do this yourself… :slight_smile:

No dude, that’s the point I need help. 15 people is a lot of guys… I need more people to raid them out!

You call these period idiots but your first post has an email address in it and the forum is searchable via Google.

I hope it’s a throwaway or you’re not attached to it.

The majority of them don’t know english and don’t read facepunch forums :slight_smile:

A cry for help? Quick! to the batmobile!

They don’t really need to do either, they can scrape for anything publicly posted that looks like an email address. That’s actually how a lot of email addresses are acquired by Spambots in the first place.

Haha, i had a group like this on one of the servers I played on over the weekend. I unlocked C4 and spent all day saturday farming materials to make it. I waited until the server pop was less than 6 and went to town on their gigantic base. I blew off every door. I stole everything. Everything. THen I replaced all the doors with doors of my own and left them their beds for respawning.

Sadly, they went to another server when this was done to them. They must not like the taste of their own medicine :slight_smile: