Looking for a team to help build an Australian metastruct

Hello fp!

This thread is mainly aimed at Australians, but you may read on if you wish.

Today I decided to join MetaStruct, completely ignoring it being hosted in Europe. It was laggy as shit, mainly because it’s sandbox and is hosted on the other side of the world. I ran into Flex and he heard my complaining, so he suggested getting a bunch of dudes to help build an Australian version. I thought it was a great idea! That’s why I made this thread, to start a discussion and to gather a team for an Australian Metastruct. It’d be good to actually bring out a good server from this selection:


Since, MetaStruct is massive, I wont be able to do this on my own, that’s why I’m asking for some of you guy’s help! You’d probably think I’ll take full credit for the server, that’s completely false. I just want a good server for sandbox.

I’ll gladly answer any questions that you may have.