Looking for a TEAM. Yes that's right. A team.


The title may be a little brief, but let me explain.

I own a server. A proper server, dual quad core Xeon’s, 24GB memory. I’ve had a DarkRP server for a while and while that was fun, it was a little too bland.

I’ve recently made a new server. This server is using vanilla DarkRP. However, there is a twist. Sort of. Hear me out.

This new server is running the map “rp_stantsiya_v1b”. Many of you may know this map; but to those who don’t this map is a very, very nice replica of the popular Metro 2033 and Last Light series.

Original FP thread: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1239125

Now, in saying all this I am looking for a team to assist in creating hopefully one of the best Apocolyptic/Metro/Serious Roleplay servers around. I’ve got the fundamentals set up already, along with some starting playermodels, and weapons ready to go. The server will step away from the original ‘job’ scene given to the player within DarkRP, and involve teams, or factions. If you look at the map it has locations that can be used as bases, where the player could run his own team, faction or city. Players could roam the metro tunnels seeking employment, adventure, wealth, and or danger. (NPC’s or players)

This server is based in Australia, but I’m looking for people with knowledge, who would want to enthusiastically help.

Some may look at my post count (0 when typing this) but please do not take that statistic as a measure of my ability. I have been doing this longer than my profile exists.

Looking for people who can:

Help test the server
Someone who knows how to recompile and compress a bsp
Bug detection
Staff (Moderators, administrators)
Criticism, suggestions to add to the server
Understands the LUA language, has a fair amount of experience to help with custom work
Rig ragdolls

Fair bit more, can’t think of everything at the moment.

Contact me at:

Steam: streetwise_combo

Skype: PM me for it (Don’t want it public)

If you require payment, let me know. We can work something out accordingly.


Louis (scrowetom)

You haven’t given any information regarding contact, pay, or requirements.


I have added you on steam to talk about it, since I really loved the Metro series ( mainly books, but still ) and would love to help you with the project.

Added you on Steam. Your project sounds just like one I’ve been a part of for a long time. Ours doesn’t run off of DarkRP, it’s custom coded. We should talk!

A Team?