Looking for a team.

Hey all,
i’m currently learning LUA and i’m searching for a team to create a (roleplay) gamemode with our own custom map etc.
It should be a gamemode like garry’s mod tower but into a city ;p
I need this:

-min 1 mapper
-min 2 coders
-min 1 modeler (optional)

I would really like some help of EXPERIENCED! Lua scripters (:


i’m in ^^

Thanks :smiley: More people needed ^^

I can help part-time :slight_smile:

You’d need to put out more information, what will you do? Will you pay? Do you got any basic ideas behind it? Do you got any server to test it on? etc.

Fixed :slight_smile:

James: With what u could help?
Donkie: I wouldn’t pay at all. I’m sorry :wink: And yes, the server will be there soon.

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From your site :

Well that combination didnt work out to well did it? XD