Looking for a thorough Rigging Tutorial

Can anyone point me to a tutorial that goes in-depth on how to rig models to replace in-game models?
(Ex. Something that can tell me how to make a replacement model for a Combine Soldier.)

umm you mean a reskin

…Reskin? (Correct me if I’m wrong about this.) Do you mean changing textures? Because I already know how to do that.

Unless reskinning means changing the model along with the textures, then yeah, I guess.

What I mean is, I just want to know how to switch the Combine Soldier model with something like a Counter-Strike model, with minimal problems and such.

ohhhhh my thought on how to (beacuse i have no idea) is wouldent you take the modle and change the name and what not to mimic the combine solider so its the modle you want not a crappy combine like lets say this (not exact)

(modle you wants file name)

(combine modle)

then change spacemarine.vtf into combinesuper.vtf and replace the files or materal and modle and i would think that would work

Lol its reskin.

Uhh what are you guys on about, he clearly wants to know how to rig (as in, put bones and weightmap) organic models.

I’m remembering 3DBuzz might have had a video tut about it for 3dsMax (in case that’s what you’re using) but pretty much any rigging tutorial will do. You’ll just need to decompile the model and use those bones when you’re comfident with the tools.

oh i was offering a Idealistic and well i dont know kind of solution