Looking for a tutor


I’m a coder in Python and Java,
I’m studying ICT on a university but I’d like to have someone help me out a bit with LUA,

I’m not really advanced in python and java yet, but I just need someone to help me out a little
with some coding, just friendly


Lua is easy, you can pick it up pretty fast on your own. Just give it a try!

Pick a simple task, and then start looking into how to get it done.

Yeah the coding itself isn’t hard, but I’m completely new to the movement etc of entities.
I have a prop hunt server atm, and trying to impliment stuff like prop rotation and stuff,
but I don’t know how that mechanic works in LUA so i’m kinda lost at it and that’s why I need someone who can give me advice and tips on how to do it

Some people around here can teach you some amazing things, for a fee. Usually not that much though. If money isn’t a problem, then maybe give that a shot?

Didn’t you make two threads about that? I thought Acecool spoon fed you, lol.

where would you find a person like that? And howmuch do they usually cost? Approx

I have written over 500 tutorials and completed “systems” in Lua for Garry’s Mod. I tutor for negotiable rates / free / donations, and answer questions on on one for free / donations; feel free to add me on Steam if you need some guidance. Here are some resources to help you get started:

Generalized Lua Help ( Links to Wikis, Answers the question of “Where do I post a simple question or DarkRP Specific question”, links to other resources compiled by forum members )

Useful Programs ( SteamCMD, Autosizer, Desktops, Process Explorer ) and Notepad++ Upgrades