Looking for a Tutorial On Editing HL2 Characters!

Hey what’s up guys! I’ve recently become interested in modelling and to start off, I simply want to be able to edit/customize the character
models in Half Life 2 either by re-skinning them (changing colors, designs, etc) or editing/customizing the meshes themselves. Does anyone know of any simple tutorials for these
purposes? It doesn’t matter what software is used, anything’s cool. I haven’t really found tutorials that I actually benefited from.

Well, there’s really no particular way to go about this, just decompile the model, and import it into your modeling program of choice. Play around with the tools in the program and just see what you can do. It’s really trial and error, but in my opinion, it’s really fun if you just explore what you can do! Skinning, on the other hand is a tad bit different, your going to need photoshop or gimp, then you can load the .vtf file into the program and again, just mess around with the tools.