Looking for a unique custom darkrp.

Hello… im looking for someone who can help me with my server, im needing a darkrp gamemode which is unique and up-to-date with the top darkrp servers, please post below if your willing to help us, We will pay money if needed upon completion, then if your wanting to stay with us, you maybe offered a position as admin.

Our website: http://www.crossfiregaming.net/

(User was banned for this post ("Missed the scripter hiring thread, didn't read the sticky." - postal))

Please post below or here: http://www.crossfiregaming.net/forum?mingleforumaction=viewtopic&t=2 i WILL be paying money for help AND adding you to server staff/admin if your wanting to stay and help us…

Add me on steam and tell me what you need maybe I can help you.

You have to code it. All the starting DarkRPs are less-than-par.

I have sent the friend request, You can visit our website forums about the LUA subject or send a email to