looking for a vault/bank modeler. (willing to pay)

hi, im looking to possibly pay someone to model me a nice looking bank vault.just the vault. i can make it open and that stuff. if it turns out nice, i am willing to pay cash (paypal).

are we talking about the inside of a vault like in payday 2?

im talking about like a vault door, yes kinda like payday 2. i just need the vault door modeled and textured. but not the inside. i make the inside in hammer.

There’s already a model like that in the TF2 files, with the door and frame separate and everything. Have you never played 2fort or something?

No o havent, do i have to buy it to get those textures??

The door isn’t separate from the frame from what I recall when using it before in Hammer, unless they added one with a separate door and frame

do i actualy have to download the game? or can i just download all the textures and i have it??

Just downloading the textures wont get you the model itself. But you need the actual game to extract the content from. TF2 is free to download on Steam so you won’t need to pay for it or anything

IMO if you’re serious about mapping you should learn to model these things yourself, at least a blockout. A vault door would be fairly easy

im kinda new to mapping tbh. but at some point i will learn