Looking for a very basic model - A hollow sphere

I was wondering if anyone could create a model for me. I’m an administrator on a TTT server, and we’ve got a shield entity which needs a sphere model. There are lots of spheres in PHX, but for gameplay reasons none of them are suitable. It needs to be hollow and of a specific size.

Here are the specifications:

  • The object is a sphere. A smooth sphere, but not too smooth that it has an unreasonable amount of detail.
  • The sphere needs a radius of 128 units (256 unit diameter)
  • The sphere needs to be hollow. The ‘wall’ should be as thin as possible, 10 units or less if possible. (Assuming 10 unit wall, the empty area inside the sphere would have a radius of 118 units)
  • No material is needed. The purple/black error is fine. We apply material via LUA.
  • Needs to be a physical object, not an “effect”.

If anyone could do this and either post or PM me the mdl/vtx/(etc) files, it would be very much appreciated!

Why don’t you use two half spheres?

I don’t think he wants to go through the time of spawning two half spheres and perfectly alligning them, also I think the size of spheres he want are not available on regular garrysmod

I could use two domes, but the ones included in Garrysmod (the PHX ones) are a bit too small. (I can resize them in LUA but that only changes their visual size - the collision box stays the same)