Looking for a very specific version of an old RP map: OMGCity

I’ve been looking for a map called OMGCity for a while now. However, the only one that pops up is the so-called ‘final’ one, which has day and night versions.

But the one I’m looking for is actually very different from that one.

First of all it has an entire 2nd section behind the bank / around the electronics store (I believe that’s what it is, I forgot) with some more houses and even a rebel hideout with two horse statues. The PD has been entirely redone and some cop cars have been placed as well. The skatepark area has an entirely new apartment complex as well. And next to the exploding gas station there’s also another large base that goes all round the back of it. Lastly, next to the radioactive science lab base thingy, there’s yet another apartment complex with a bunch of more stuff added to it.

I believe this map was primarily used for HL2DM’s Nick’s RP mod, since it relied heavily on buying permanent property or renting a room over long periods of time, and so having a lot of small ownable rooms was essential for picking a map. I’ve been looking around the workshop, garrysmod.org, gamebanana, but nothing. They all seem to have the same version.

it would help if you gave us the exact filename of the map if you knew it

If I knew the exact filename, I would have the map, that’s the problem. That’s why I’m asking for help.

http://gmod.gamebanana.com/maps/24912 Would this be it by chance

Sadly no, it looks like the same map except with NPCs added. See the first screen shot? Right on the wall there, right next to the red roof is supposed to be a door, that would be the version I’m looking for.

Hmmm ok il see if i can find it
Goodluck other wise

Thanks for trying, at least.