Looking for a Volunteer Mapper For a Half Life 2 Deathmatch Project

First of all, apologize for broken English and i know this could be (maybe) one millionth request you’ve seen in this forum. But i wanna try my luck. Also, i’m not really sure if it’s a “HELP” post or a “request” one, so sorry if i put wrong post icon to it. I’m new here. <3

Okay, I’m creating a concept for a Half Life 2 Deathmatch mod which will have two additional game modes (modified versions of standart deathmatch and capture point-koth) so i need some nice maps for them. I know this is one of those “i have an idea need some mapper got no money” post, but i really don’t now how else i can create a nice crew and build some nice stuff. I’m really sorry for being not-available to pay for your amazing works. I know what it takes. So i think this post is more like for less-pro’s who’s looking for a way to improve skills and those who’s mapping for hobby only.

If you ask about maps, let me explain;
Since our gamemod will be more atmospheric, i want people to feel Combine vs Rebel wars in a more-dramatic perspective. So maps won’t be classical deathmatch arena maps. Capture point maps are basically similar to TF2 maps, but for sure more serious atmosphere. For example: Capture-the-intel gamemodes will have maps like secret Combine Military Bases like Area 51(You know, desert and airbase stuff) or North Pole Secret Bases.

Atmospheric ideas about maps are:

-Pripyat, Chernobyl Combine Base
-Area 51 Nevada Desert Combine Base
-New York City Rebel Base
-Airports, Post-apocalyptic Streets

Okay that was the all outline information i could give at this moment. If you’re mapping for hobby and wish to join, please inbox me and/or add me through Steam. (Edit: and/or Facebook ^^)
Thanks, have a nice day! :slight_smile:

**P.S: **
I wanted to add some of our artworks to prove that i’m serious and we have some works on our concepts, but My SFM artist is a bit slow so i didn’t want to wait for him to send artworks. I’ll share them if some of you guys want to see them. They’re mostly unrelated to gamemode concept but mostly about atmosphere. You know, poster-is

#2 P.S:
I probably will post some other threads in Modelling forum since reskinning some characters (or creating some new characters) will look better. So modelers/reskinners are also welcome :slight_smile: <3

Edit: Here are some artworks, they’re not professional, but i think people will want to understand my thoughts when i say “it’ll be more atmospheric-dramatic”. So…that’s it. Tell me what you think :slight_smile:




Not a mapper, but couldn’t you just use pre-existing maps?

I have two additional game modes. One of them is okay to use old maps but the other ones needs new capture points, Flags and capture Hill. Also, as i said, this will be more than a deathmatch mode. It’ll be objective based so new maps will define nice short scenarios. Like Team Fortress mini-scenarios ^^