looking for a way to include a file without editing the main file

I’ve made an e2 hologram modification for my server and it works fine but every time I update wire it gets erased. Many of the hologram functions are local and so I cant simply make it a an extension since apparently it is still unable to use those functions. I could make it in a separate lua file and use include but that still requires me to manually update the hologram file every wire update. Is there a way to include the second file into the first without modifying the first. Any help with this or suggesting another way to work around the problem would be greatly appreciated.

If it’s on your computer or local dedi then just right click on the file and chose the toitose svn lock function and it won’t get updated anymore . Hope I helped :slight_smile:

no such luck, server is hosted elsewhere. thanks for idea tho

If you are hosted by a GSP, send in a ticket and ask them to do it for you.

nope not using them

who are you using?

clan base