looking for a weapon modeler

i want to share screens with a weapon moddeler to see how to do it, i use 3ds max 2014

What do you need help with? Just exporting? Do you know how to model?

exporting on wallworm and compiling

would you help me? i want to work on tf2 and dota inventing

i’m going to blindly assume your using the student version, yes? because well… you won’t be able to earn money from thoses models then.

youre right, but how you know they wont pay me?

well… you see the thing is that student has a agreement in it saying that autodesk will allow you to use this but not for commercial purposes such as making models for workshop so… valve could easily not pay you for any of the models if they are accepted.

of course there would be another way around this, donations…

i exporrt try to export throught blender