Looking for a website ban system

Hey does anyone know where i can find a website ban system where players can go to our website and see who was banned for instance you go to Ourwebsite.whatever/Bans and it will be a page that displays the bans from our server like

Name__ reason _____ time _______ banned by______
Players name | The reason | how long for | Who banned them |

Thanks in advance

ULX Globalban

Thanks man

SourceBans is probably the best one I know of. You can show bans from multiple servers as well.

Why did you bump this thread? He already got his answer.

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You can also do that with global bans. If you only got gmod servers use globalbans if you got other source servers use sourcebans.

If anything is backseat moderating, this is. He is a moderator, I’m sure that if he replies he has a reason to do so.

Also, SourceBans has a better system behind it. The webpage is more advanced, allows you to send commands to the server, kick and ban people from the server without joining it, shows a person’s previous bans, has a good and working search function.