Looking for a YouTube Recording Buddy For Rust - 14+

Im looking for some one who is in the USA and is avalable on weekends to record with me!
Age: 14+ or at least mature enough to take this serriously
Must have at least 100 Hours on Rust
Must be willing to pick a server and dedicate time to

Computer Can Handle Recording
Some background Video Editing knowledge

If you have met the Requirements then add me on:
Steam : yungtechboy1
Skype : Yungtechboy1
YouTube : Yungtechboy1

About me:
I have an ASUS 16GB Ram, Intel Core i7, Geforce Nvidia (Forgot the Modle Number) with 4GB dedicated to Graphics, 5TB Hard Drives Total, And 500GB SSD.
I have C4D, After Effects, and Photoshop and have over 3 years of knowledge in all of them.
I have an Xbox Controller mapped to the game
I have over 300 Hours on Rust
I am a Shoot First type
I love going to War
I Know LUA code and create Plugins

Yeah… No!


I live in canada so i cant do it lol

I swear to God if anybody says Canada is in the USA…

I think what this young individual was meaning to say was native English preferred w/ similar available time slot.

Or he is starting a revolution.

Prepare to die, a lot. controllers are terrible for FPS

I say ditch the controller it makes you less accurate in FPS games.

Geforce Nvidia (Forgot the Modle Number)