Looking for Actors/Models/Recorders/etc.

Hello my fellow Gmod players.
my head has bin on exploding for about a year now.
i got 14 scripts ready for Gmod movies. which most likely fit in the Machinima’s minimum.
i want to pick up my first script and Finaly make it true.
for this video i need:

  • 5 to 10 Actors
  • a helper, who knows several things in Source recorder, and several usefull things such as console commands, Like Freezing everything, unfreezing grav, etc.
  • 1 to 3 Cameramen, with as high as possible Graphics
    **and the most important one - about 4 models i need to be resized or retextured (prop resizer tool doesnt work) **

I will discuss the Script with all of you in steam.

for the record, I have NO money to give to you guys, this is completely Vaulenteer.
UNLESS, I for some reason gets payed in anyway because the video is super Awesome :D!

if you wish to participate Apply in a respond.
Saying what you want to be and when you can.

highest to lowest priority.

  1. The Models
  2. a Server
  3. the Helper
  4. The Camera Men.
  5. the actors

Thank you very much.

Read the Bottom Comment i made.

Plot or no dice, I’m speaking for everyone…
oh god the spelling errors waaaaahhhhhhh!!

well thank you very much, i do my best.

I found a sweet recorder:


hello ideas guy.

“hey u maek movie i sit back and giv ideas and taek credit ok”


Proof that he’s in it for the fame/money(Neither of which will happen)

You have no idea.
i wanted to do it all by myself at the beginning, although i found out im not able to do some things, as i spend 2 full days trying to get source recorder to work, i end up with a Laggy 800 x 600 video.
About the models, thats the most important thing.
i had a server, but i couldnt let people download my addons, which i made posts about. so i gave up on that, so all i need is someone who can resize/texture models and/or ragdolls, and a server. il figure out the rest myself, i got 25 actors wanting to join…


that was ment as: If i would get money from for example Youtube Partner ship, i would pay the participants.
otherweise, no.
and i’m not in it for the money at ALL, fame is a big deal though, if it gets watched 200 times, while it would be a Genius video.
would be bad.


Fine, All i need is someone to Resize 1 Freaking model, I’l be able to figure out the rest with me and my friends.
just please, say it if you can make the Existing shopping cart from gmod.org
three times bigger, while its still possible to stand in it. so it doesn’t become a weird Cube.