Looking for admin/moderator named "garry"

Sorry for off-topic guys but im looking for some racist called “garry”,
he banned my Stalin request thread just because it had a Russian name "(User was banned for this post (“This is an english forum” - garry))"
the thread was named on Russian just for fun, because i asked about a USSR leader Stalin

Do you think that thats alright? to ban someone just because your a racist and hate everything not english
he could just ask me to rename it if he wasnt a racist

(User was banned for this post ("wrong section, disgraceful thread" - Gran PC))

he owns the forum dude

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and a language isn’t a race

“Garry doesn’t need to provide a legitimate reason to ban anyone. These are his forums. If you’re a dick to him he will ban you no matter how right or wrong you are.”

da roolez right down in the footer