Looking for Admin Tool

I used “Assmod” back then, but now it seems that it disappeared from the Workshop, so I’m trying to find an admin tool that is as simple, basic and easy-to-use as Assmod. Anyone got any suggestions?

ULX sadly misses some of Assmod’s cool features, like admins having no limit, the “Clear Decals” command, etc.

Are you using fadmin then you can make /cleardecals

Or could you hire a coder to make some commands. Try evolove

FAdmin is for DarkRP only?

I thought it was anyway…

Try evolve, which is found here…

Or theres a new mod in development, called Exsto, found here…

Use Evolve Admin Mod

Evolve, I think I tried that on Workshop but it got deleted too, I’ll use on Github then, never knew there was one.

Thanks people.