Looking for Administrators for DarkRP.

Hey, i’m looking for administrators for my DarkRP server add me on steam: Xanity and/or Skype: andreas.funch1. The server is new and doesn’t have any players yet but we plan to have 40 slots and hopefully a lot of players will come over time. We’re currently looking for a headadmin (admin+). You’re welcome to join the server and make an assessment of it. Please be nice this is my first post here and I don’t know if this is the right forum for a post like this. Thanks. :smile:

Facepunch might not be the best place to look for admins. I would pull some from your community

Thanks for the reply I know this might not be the place to look for admins but hopefully I can get a few applications anyway. :smile:

you’re either going to get troll applications that want to fuck over your server or children applying who can barely work a computer.

Or people who just want to help out. You know, being nice? Volunteering?

I would be willing to help out. I’ve been staff on many servers including some of the Bigger DarkRP servers and many others. I also have experience with running a server I’ve set up some in the past. My main goal as being admin is to help people out, not just punish rule breakers and look for trouble.

I have found several Xanity’s on steam. Mind posting the link to show me which one you are?

i assume you’re the latter?

he’s looking for admins on a huge internet forum. he should be looking for members of his community / his friend list.