Looking for Admins and Moderators for an Australian Darkrp Server

At the moment my server is VERY low on admins. Which means i have to constantly go on and stay logged in. If you are interested Please contact me on steam Drake Fisher | Hiring Admins

The best thing you could do to hire admins and moderators is pick loyal and good players from your player base or pick trusting friends.

ill be a good admin i wont abuse my powers i promise

[sp]If I see another DarkRP thread, I’m going to fuck myself in the face with a pitchfork.[/sp]

I have a friend. Ping Wree would want help out

That seems painful. But I aint judging. Still though I dont think its as much ‘seeing more darkrp threads’ as much as more or less server advetising im getting tired of personally.

I don’t personally understand why would you trust random people you don’t know on Facepunch. Like, you guys are great, but it does open yourself up a bit.

OP, you should do what wishbone said. If your server is populated enough to need frequent admin attention, then you’re probably going to have a few regulars who stick around who would happily apply if you made an application template.

This was probably one off the dumbest places on earth to post this, however I believe you should only rank up 15+ year olds or your server will die. I know from experience

Be prepare to be added by a bunch of 10 year old squeakers.