Looking for admins (free, must have previous experience)

The server is currently a buildRP running DarkRP, that will change (thank god) to Aftermath when it is released.

If you do NOT have previous experience your post will be discarded.



Oh do not flame this thread because it is DarkRP I don’t want to hear, let’s hope people are nicer than in the server advertising forum :slight_smile:

Nobody wants to be an admin on a DarkRP server.


RP is pointless.

Now, if you want admins I suggest you wait around on your server until you find someone you trust. inviting people to be admin is inviting trouble.

I would. If I hadn’t delete GMod…

Yeah, I know that why applications are there

Why would we want to create an account on your shitty forum just to send an application to be admin for your shitty server? You’ll get nothing but <13 year olds.

I would apply if I wasn’t super admin somewhere already. :v:
But then, trying to administrate a Dark RP server is very difficult. I have seen admins on a server struggling to stop people from just shooting each other before, and in another server the admins themselves were doing it. Good luck. :slight_smile:

Stop fucking flaming and get a life.


I like you, you arn’t bitchy :slight_smile:

So gonna get this, I hate DarkRP to you, I only have it for money so I can use it in wire.


That wasn’t really flaming, he told the honest truth. Most people you get will be < 13 (because no one else really rp’s) and they will lie about their expirience and age. The only safe way is by knowing the individual. People will lie to you.

Your right to get rid of the minges get rid of darkrp ! And on admin side I’ll sort I :wink:

Hmmm aftermath, the sooner, the better. Also being admin in DarkRP is pointless. Run 24/7 Sandbox or Aftermath you are gewd.

i have applied! and u bloody know it

i even suggested aftermath and told many of the servers players…

I own a DarkRP server adnd was one of the good servers back when a DarkRP server was pretty hard to find, At first I thought, “Hey, This is pretty fun and easy to manage”

Few months later, DarkRP got easier to edit, Thus attracting mingebags to set up there own servers, thinking “I’m gonna be a Lua King”.

Then DarkRP died, I now am designing a Serious RP style gamemode, based in the future and aftermath of the fortold “2012” end of the world.

I’ve got a nice 2012 storyline lying about if you want to have it?

Ok, sign me up baby!

Sure. But how can you fit an actual story into a gamemode, most of the players probably wouldnt get it anyway :C

well. if you’d base the gamemode on some post apocaliptic scene which had happened with my story(newspapers with this story lying about. radio’s playing some newst channel. this’d be hard to do with all the new addons to be made but it is possible. and you could implement some goal for the community to achieve. which cannot be done alone. and takes very long to achieve. when it’s achieved in the end you’d continue the rp server without this goal.

That’s not really a storyline tho :crying:

That’s a Game plan.

that’s my plan on how to be able to correctly implement the storyline.

I Will Apply. Im New To This Server Thing Becasue All The Other Servers Ive Been On Ive Just Been Instantly Added As An Admin, So If You Could Tell Me How. Also I dont spam, hack, kick for no reason, admin abuse, rage and all that other crap