Looking for Admins with knowledge of DarkRP and FAdmin, Server hosting experience is a plus


serious darkrp

No, Just add me on steam ‘thegrimreaper584’ And we will talk.

Don’t require admins here. You’re better off with an IRL friend for the time being. Then if people on your server do good, promote them. Also stop making DarkRP servers. Don’t you think the existing 300+ servers are enough?

Went on this server because I was bored and told him to enable scriptenforcer, told him to how sort out pixelrender and would’ve probably helped with small things if he asked politely.

But he banned me permanently because “this kid has a porn spray”.

Yep, just another DarkRP.

It wasn’t a porn spray. It was two dirty guys fucking and the guy on top was shitting as well. Then after I covered it up you just resprayed it and started glitching doors with something I could only remove by cleaning the server. So instead of removing other people’s work I removed you from the server along with your props, and prevented you from coming back on while I’m not and minging. I asked you politely to remove the spray and fix the doors but you didn’t say anything and just kept on going.

Why do you want to make a DarkRP server?
Is it that you crave administrative powers?
Is it that you are upset that you do not get enough attention?

To set up jobs, entities, scripts the way you want them to run.
Wouldn’t you crave administrative powers on a darkrp after seeing the 300+ servers that suck?

No, I would get it through my head that DarkRP isn’t fun and not host it, unlike what you guys are doing.

What separates you from other servers? Absolutely nothing, please disappear for a month to code a gamemode, come back, and make Garry’s Mod more enjoyable. Don’t add on to the list of DarkDMs.

I’ve found plenty of darkrp servers I enjoyed. I’m starting my own because I feel I can do it better. No need to hate on people who enjoy a different gamemode than you. Lots of people enjoy playing darkrp like myself.