Looking for an "ACT" Mod menu

Okay, so Facepunch does not seem to have a direct place for people to ask OTHER people for help on finding certain mods.
So i’ll just ask here, and a Moderator could be nice and let me know where to post something like this in the future, and would also be nice if they moved this thread to the appropriate section

So apparently, recently or a while back, Gmod got updated and have now been implemented with some “Act” commands that allows you to dance and flip-the-bird and what not.

I was wondering if there is mod that adds like a menu for the various “ACT” commands or some easier way to activate these commands instead of guessing them out, and typing them in the console.

Been looking around for that for a bit now and i can’t seem to find a menu driven mod for this.
Maybe i’m just using the wrong search tags for it, maybe it has some silly obscure name which haven’t crossed my mind.
But i just can’t find this type of “mod” anywhere.

Hope some of you out there is friendly enough to help me out with this. Cause i can’t, for the life of me, find anything on the steam workshop (which is rather lame place to get mods IMO), garrysmod.org or the coderhire.com site.

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My Gesture (act) menu

Should fit your needs, but it doesn’t work in many gamemodes, as most just remove the ability to “taunt”, or use them gestures, sorry.
Of course still works in sandbox, don’t worry 'bout that though

Unless your making your own gamemode or using this singleplayer, the server will have to have allowcslua enabled to use it.

Yes, but it will work fine too if a server owner subbed to this.

Addons, not mods… I’m sick of all these Venturian idiots.


Since you know everything, where should this post be moved to then?

Although this is in the wrong section, just ignore him. He’s trolling.