Looking for an active semi PvE EU server!

After been away from rust, I was thinking of starting up again!

What I am looking for is:

  • Active server, 25-50 players.
  • Nice people, like PvE playing/not just KoS, SoS, but more helpful friendly players. I don’t mind being raided or shot during a raid, as long as ppl leave sleeping bags or not put up ceilings and shit to destroy the base for fun! I used to run my own server, where we didn’t allowed pvp except during raid and in an airdrop zone ( where the crates dropped ). People should be able to gather resources without getting shot by a moron thinking “I’m so cool, I killed him in the back”, or “look, fresh spawn lol BAM”
  • Raid as said is all ok!
  • Would like to join a clan that do raids, but are friendly towards others during daytime/resourcing.
  • Server has to be in Europe
  • English speaking ( I am norwegian )
  • classic or mod no problem
  • Not be able to make C4, but rather have to gather from Airdrops is preferred!
  • Active admins who enforce rules.
  • Anyone installed VAC BAN addon is good, as long as my other points are held.

I have 300 hours in Rust, so I know my way around, and how to play … but I am just an old git, who doesn’t want the pvp all around no more! Tired of the Kill on Sight and bashing bambis all the time. Last server I was on I left after being killed 16 times of moron ppl who wanted my stone hatchet!!!
I know it sound childish, crybabie and more ppl usually write on a thread like this, so there is no need to rewrite this into this thread.
People choose their servers on what they like to have, this is what I like to play on.

Is there such server anymore?

Please add your server here, if it fills my criteria stated above!

Thanks alot for reading!

Arild, aka Demonyo

Hi Demonyo

A server that I use meets most of your criteria. It hasn’t been running very long so has quite a small
population at the moment. The regular players have a mature attitude towards other players. Admins are present most of the time and are very helpful. I’ve been able to survive and get into good gameplay on this server, something that I have found very difficult on other Rust servers.

Server Name


Hope to see you there.


cheers mate … I would love to check it out! Do you have an address for this server?

eidt: nvm … found it lol!! Will try this one later mate!! Thanks so far!

no problem…it’s usually more active around 6-7pm (GMT)

perfect … as a single father, I usually make gametime after I put my son to bed at 8ish gmt :smiley:

smc … I want to thank you for this one! I met your neighbour/friend Logic … and already moved in in the area of yours. Will build my base later tonight, and set it up the right way for us all to protect :smiley:

My pleasure Demonyo, it will be good to meet up with you. I’m away this weekend so won’t be getting any gaming time until Sunday evening (possibly). Logic is a good guy, he’ll help you with resources if you need anything, I’ve put some stuff in his “Guest House”, help yourself to whatever you need. You will probably meet up with Espada and Butcher of Bakersfield, they’re both good guys too. Enjoy the game and see you soon.