Looking for an awesome build server.

I just can’t seem to find any build servers these days that aren’t run by 11 year old admins or has minges like an LA whore has stds. I’m really just looking for a cool server that has phx3, door, stacker, the usual stuff. Got any recommendations?

Mines down at the moment since I’m in Ukraine for another few days, should be back up in 8-9 days though. Feel free to PM me for an IP so that I remember to get back to you about this when I put it back up.

Thanks bro. Can I get your steam?

^^^^ that cool dude posted it. if you just wana add me w/ the add friend button search for “mrkybe” no quotes. BuildRP :slight_smile:

You took the words right out of my mouth. ALL OF THEM.

…You intrigue me. I shall investigate you further.

And about the build server thing: