Looking For An Expert Mapper

Hey mappers, I’m not here to waste your time and you’re not here to waste mine.
Awesome - anyways, hopefully you are into Role Play, if not - I hope you are into the 1982 futuristic noire of Blade Runner.
The setting is in China Town, San Francisco. These pictures down below express what we are looking for!

The community I help run is in dire need of a Blade Runner map. I do know that this will take a lot of work, though we do not have the funds to pay anyone. Except, we will give great respect and maybe even allow a position in our administration team. Hopefully, this will be a fun project to make! .

Exterior & Streets

Interior & Factories

As far as the story goes, the plot has already been set and characters and events have already been set in place as well. In short, this is the last thing on our list.
If this map is not possible, we will turn to City 8 Central. Please, assist us in not doing so.

Message me if you see any interest in doing this project for us. I am appreciative of anyone for any progress they can help us with! Thank you!


Oh thanks, sorry - my first time on FP. You’re a boss.

isn’t that deus ex and not blade runner?

I don’t think any ‘expert’ mappers are willing to work for free here :v:

It would be a fun project tbh.

obligatory my name is kruma pay me for map

A lot of Deus Ex’s environments are inspired by Bladerunner.

As for the request, I’m actually intrigued by it…I might have a look into it, but I’m not promising anything.

Like, nothing at all. Don’t hold me to this.

I’d love to make something like this but I can’t texture for shit.

yesh kruma r exshpert mappr

Don’t mind him , very unprofessional i am the expert here and would be happy to help you , as always i post a pic of my best project “gm_rp_tff_Snowballs”:

Im waiting for the green light ! Oh i still charge for work btw.

A brilliant masterpiece. Quite an achievement in bioengineering.

Yeah, like I said before - this project would seem to be a very interesting map. As for the pictures above, they were the closest I could find - yes they are Deus X art, though that’s the image we’re going for.
If you do like to role play - I said this before but, you might be able to become apart of the administration team in the community.

This group is not going to deal with this request in a mature way.

How do you expect them/us to? He/you come onto Facepunch, saying ‘Do this pro map, probably take forever, needs ‘expert’ skill.’ No payment, nothing except;

Holy shits guys let me put hundreds of hours into a next-generation theme’d game, for respect. Ohyes, and admins on their server. Next I’m expecting a DarkRP v7 request.

Can you do that for me? I’d really appreciate it.

Indeed, i am very proud of it !.

You seem to forget this is a hobby. Sure, people do it for a living, but for the most part everyone here has a similar hobby. Just because you’re good at your hobby doesn’t mean you can act like an exclusive professional. This guy just asked if anyone would make this map for him, he didn’t say we had to, and he admitted the rewards were few. He just hoped, with good faith, that people with an interest in this would want to do it. So unless you’re interested don’t give him a hard time for his trouble.

Haha look if you are mapping for money, that’s cool.
If you’re mapping to gain awesome respect that’s cool too.
Though at the heart of things you should of begun mapping because you thought it was fun and you liked it. That’s what I’m offering here, a fun map to make.

I have to say this. Maybe, to you, it would seem fun, but to others, it wouldn’t. Yes, the point of mapping is to have fun with it, but the only way to have fun making a map would to be making a map you want to make, and to let your creative image come to life. If someone were to map FOR someone else, it would be less fun, and that person wouldn’t be creating their image, but the person’s image instead, hence why people ask for money.

In short, you’ll most likely need to have to pay someone to make this map for you, unless you make it yourself, especially considering the quality of the map you are asking for. Sorry, but that’s pretty much how things on Facepunch work.