Looking for an old Gmod loading screen


That one never had HTML etc, It was full Lua. I had it recreated in HTML but I can’t find the files.

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I have managed to retrieve the recreated HTML, but the visuals are from the third pic.

It might not work though.

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Found the rotating thingy:



How would you make the loading screen in lua and make the user that’s joining see it?

Old GMod didn’t had custom loading screens, it was one for everyone. It was possible to edit it using menu_plugins, but that was fixed.

I loved seeing my downloaded files fly across the screen, that was awesome.

If you finish this, could you post it here for everyone else?

here you go

Can flash work on loading screens?

What was the point of posting that?

Yes it does.

And he’s a le trull.

So like, I wanted to remake the old loading screen with the files running across the screen in HTML and did…


But awesomium is shit and it slows your computer down to a crawl making it unusable in-game.


Nope, I downloaded the latest Awesomium SDK and ran the page in a test app and it still performed like ass. So it’s definitely out of garrys realm.


Yeah, I tried turning on gpu acceleration and it didn’t help at all.

What part of it is running so poorly?

What CAN it handle reliably?



Toneo made a semi-classic and fully classic loading screen like that in HTML back in 2011. He sent me the files a while back but I’ve lost them (for the second time). I PM’d him asking if he has another copy, just in case anyone is interested (and assuming he’s okay with releasing it).

(just as another option)

Well if he’s gonna bump it…

Could you give a link or something to the finished single file, DarthTealc? I’m not sure what to do with your code there. :confused: