Looking for an old Gmod loading screen

oh my bad about the bump, didn’t see how old this was


Where can we get these icons of which you speak?


Or you can go here and just hit download: http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/silk/

Also, with your code it seems to go on an endless loop with the image. Is there a way to remove the image after the first pass? I changed the following already, just makes the images hover to the left side:

--Line 5
#icon img {position:absolute !important; -webkit-animation:19.20s floating linear 0s 1, 10s ud1 ease-in-out 0s infinite;

--Lines 156-158
<script type="text/javascript">
document.getElementById("injectstyle").innerHTML = "#icon img {position:absolute !important; -webkit-animation:" + (screen.width/100) + "s floating linear 0s 1, 10s ud1 ease-in-out 0s infinite;}";


Sorry for reviving this post but I want to share this with you:
https://github.com/xalalau/GMod/tree/master/GM10 Loading
I grabbed the old HTML loading screen from Robotboy655 and finished it my way.
The changes are listed in “gmod.php” file.
Use as you want.


Link for testing: http://xalahost.url.ph/sv_loadingurl/gmod.php

You’re awesome, thank you!

Ty. But in my version the icons just pop and move in a box, things are not flying etc. Better than nothing, anyway.

If you want to use it on your client (so it will show for all servers you join):


This one is the best

Hi, I’m “Skeleto”. I decided to finish this loading screen and wanted to post the news here too.

Looking forward to S&Box :+1:

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