Looking for an UK/EU player/Clan to team up with

As the title says , i’m looking for an UK/EU player/Clan to team up with.

Ive had rust since release and have a working mic

Interested? - Send me your steam url link and I will add you

how old are you and what server do you play on? we’re on Rustopia |EU/UK|

Hey Hadri - I’m 27 U? - I’m Currently on Rusted Gaming a US Server.

I’m willing to change server to play with you/your clan

Whats your steam URL link - can add you to discuss further

Ah thats sound mate, we’re a small group (3-4 ish) all in our late 20s/early 30s. I’m 31 myself. Sorry for asking, but I don’t like playing with people under 18!

Actually at work atm so I can’t get at steam url. Either look for “hadri” or “hadri1983” or post yours up and I’ll add you

Speak to you soon

Rustopia is a fantastic server, you’ll have a good time for sure. It’s very competitive tho and there’s looks of aggression between groups. So expect a lot of action lol