Looking for ancient map

I’m looking for a couple maps that I played long ago, before Garrys Mod. Back when it was still Gmod and there was no paying for it.

The first was a map that had an underground feel to it, which had a train system running all through it. The train stations had different colored blocks you could use to make wire controlled trains that stopped based on the block color. There was a train building room somewhere along the track with a raised platform you could stand on to be level with the wheels. The train system ran through several different construct areas

The second was a map that seemed to be more for role playing. It had an outdoor area with water, and a hallway that went down to an underground area with a laboratory, a church, and several other themed rooms.

I would love to find either of these maps again.

Did the first one have a flatgrass-construct hybrid on the upper level?

I don’t really remember the upper level that well, but I recently downloaded gm_construct_flatgrass_v6-2 and that was not it





I had a friend of mine dump his old hard drive for me. The other map was gm_studio_b8.

Just go look up the maps you want on garrysmod.org most of them should be there.