Looking for another hosting

Hello, I have had my server on clanforge.multiplay.co.uk, and now they changed ip adress of my server out of nothing, to be honest, this is what ive been waiting for, because at least I can go to another hosting and the result will be the same = new ip adress.

Can somebody please give me advice and tips on some rust server hostings?
I have paid £17.5 per 50 slots per month and after almost half year it seems little too much for me.
I am looking for cheeper but stable hosting.
This whole time I was using Oxide mode.

Thank you for helping me.

(btw I am not looking for list of hostings, I am looking for good experience / lower price)

Forget it. All hosting companies are crap. Either they have good hardware but stupid employees or they have good service but the shittiest hardware.
Stick with what you know for now until there are proper dedicated servers for us to use and then run it on your root. There’s no point in trying to find a good host for this alpha, especially when it’s going to be replaced in the next couple of weeks.

I’m currently using DeinServerHost as they have great servers that are really keen. But unfortunately the guy running this company has absolutely no idea of life and how to manage servers and customers so he goes around deleting random servers as he likes it and then doesn’t restore them 15 hours after a ticket. Also there’s absolutely no SSL on their website and he refuses to add it because “it can’t be done”.

edit: I had one server at multiplay and they changed the IP and Port of the server today too. They didn’t tell me in advance or after the change. It’s really bad service. I thought bigger hosting companies would be better at communicating their shit to their users, how wrong I was :frowning:

edit2: I got a response.

I don’t even understand what this guy is trying to tell me as all sentences in this mail are paradox. Most retarded crap I had to deal with.

Best to check out the hosts on the list here. I also believe there is review sites for host but don’t have a link to hand.


-Edit- Only just noticed you didn’t want a list.

I found 1 that is 12$/month for 3 months! like 7-8 sterling pounds

Thank you for reply, anyone else can give me advice or suggestion?
I will decide where to order server on weekend.