Looking for anyone who is ready to administrate a already big community.

Well, Hello guys. i Run TPC, a Community, where we like our players.
So far we got 1 sandbox server, but we are going to buy another one.
And thats where you jump in!
Our plan right now is to buy another server, and its going to be RP.
But since all my “older” players play sandbox, i have a hard time finding a team.
Im gonna look for around 2-5 persons who will take care of my server when im not on.

What you get.
-Admin (surprise, surprise)
-New friends (yaaaay)
-A cupcake (naah)

What you need:
-Good english, (Mine is not good, so its does not have to better than mine, and mine sucks)
-Play often
-Be and friendly and outgoing person who is ready to help both new and good players.

Nice to know:
You will not get paid.
Its a English and Danish server, which means i am danish but my co-owners isnt.
Our sandbox server is located here:
We have not decided which rp mode, or which map, but you can help us decide!
Also, our server is a minge magnet, we have a lot 12 year old players, im sorry if it bothers you.

I hope you might fell like its something for you, (:

Link to steamgroup, website if any.

Nothing big there.
Its our server which is popular (not at this time,)

Hey there, I’m quite a well known user over in the mapping area and people will tell you I’m a good guy, so if you need maps doing I can do them, I’ll administrate your server with you if you want, add me on Steam:- bounty1230

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I can also make a website for you guys if you want one.

Sounds good,
If you map RP maps, we could have a server with your maps?
Also, i added you on steam.

Thanks, I can make maps to your specification so you can have your own individual maps on the server, I should be on Steam this evening, 8PM GMT.

Sounds really good indeed, well do you have any previous work i can see?

I have one released map, it isn’t RP though but it’s still pretty nice, nice lighting, brushwork, style etc etc.




Wow, this is awesome.

Like it?

Search “GM_sibmoR” on Garrysmod.org

Nice mapping, but what is it :D?

Also, send me a message when you get on steam.
The server will properly open on Monday so we got some time to get everything ready(:

It’s nothing inparticular, abstract design, doesn’t have to be anything, sibmoR is Rombis backwards, which is a shape, awesome, if you have any ideas for a map let me know, I shall talk to you on Steam tonight.

Oh okay, i tell you more on steam(:

Alright mate, speak soon.

I would love to help administrate your server with you since im a huge rp fan and would be fit for the task.

Steam - darj1282

if you need a web developer i would love to help, add me on steam “thebamfordz” if your interested.

Saevus, Would you code a website for us? (:
Sounds awesome i added you.

Darj1282, Added

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Well, its 22:31 and you have not added me yet?
What up, sphinxa279?

Hey Panda, Sphinxa here sorry I was at my Mum’s last night, will be on late tonight, PM me some map designs if you have them.

Sorry, im not home from this whole friday to sunday, i speak with you sunday okay?

Haha, sure thing, 6PM a good time for you?

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Also, Saevus if you do the Web Dev I can give you a hand as well, I work for an IT company so I know HTML, PHP, MySQL etc etc.