Looking for at least two hosters.

I’m an administrator of one Garry’s Mod productions group.

But recently, our hoster is beign an ****Hole …
I got rid of him, because he acts like 10 years old.

So again, here are the options what you could need,
Willing to do without money,
Memory = Atleast 1GB of ram
Processor = Better, a lot better than Intel Celeron.
Well for people who cannot understand there options = You must be able to run L4D
And have atleast 4 MB/s.

Yes without money please.
What the heck someone rated me dumb.

I’d really love to host a server, but I never actually got it working (no one is able to connect) everywhere but on Left 4 Dead, and my net is slow sometimes.

Yes, i have the same problem named ‘Connection Failed after 4 retries’
Hah someone is rating us dumb, but hes a dumbarse for himself.

Uhm, yeah I could do this I think.
Memory = 2GB
Processor = Althlon 64X2 @ 2Ghz
Eh, I get 2-4mbit up, I dunno if that would work.

Well ok you’re in. Please tell your steam name I’ll add you to friends as ‘Dv. Graphix’
LOL someone is ganging us, waiting for us to comment and post Dumb ratings!
Well i guess that boy is a mingebag.


Teh uber mingebaggery.

How does your ability to run Left 4 Dead affect your server hosting abilities?

Probably proves your PC is up to the task of hosting a server. :slight_smile:

I think that you ain’t gonna find many/any people that are gonna host a server with atleast a 32Mbit/s upload for free.

The ‘Must be able to atleast run L4D’ is nonsence too because servers don’t need a good video card. And you don’t need multicore CPU if you’re only going to host a GMod server because srcds.exe doesn’t support multicore anyways. A 3Ghz Celeron would be better then a 2.3Ghz dual core for example.

Good luck.

We had this discussion the other day in another thread.
He probably means 4Mbits not MBytes.
4Mb is easy, my old cable connection had it.

Upload or download?

26Mb down 4Mb up. Speedtest:

they also offer 50Mb down, 5Mb up.

Hah okay. Those speeds are rare in my country though. :frowning:

Test Post.
It was for my friend to show about the dumb rating spammer.


So any other hosters? I need one more please.

Nobody posts for now?
People look it like dead thread but i watch it every 10 minutes.
Since 16 August 2009.

fyi ass is 3 letters not 4.

What is it you produce? What have you made before?
And what would the server be usede for?

Nevermind, i got one hoster so i’ll let it die.


What the heck are you talking about?
I know that FYI is For Your Information but
Nobody said ‘ass’ in here?

a derp

So I can’t host a server with a Q9550, 6GB of ram, and a ATI Rage IIc?

And running 3D intensive games is a good indicator of how well a console server application will run?