Looking for big group that likes and is into raiding/pvp/

Hey guys i am 13 years of age and am looking for a group of people for rust. I would say i am good the best i have done in rust is 1v7 a group of kevlar… i had leather and a p250 i killed one picked up his gear and killed the rest solo. If you want too, add me on steam my name is Hey Big Boii i have skype and i have a teamspeak server, my skype name is viper123qaz and my teamspeak ip is toronto.clanwarz.com:1102 add me on skype and message me or just join my teamspeak and look for v6 Prototype.

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Will be on tomorrow to check skype.

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Hey buddy!

Just wanted to let you know, that there is an age restriction on Rust. This means you committed fraud when you lied about your age at the age portal, preceding your purchase of the game. Not only that, you are blatantly admitting that on the forums.

While it’s great you killed 7 kevlar guys, its not great that you’re immature, and ignorant to the rules.

I hope to see an underage b&hammer.

Clean up the streets mods!


Stop bumping your own thread please. I would sage if I could.

You’re such a fag. Go back to 4chan please. You act like he’s the only kid out there that plays games that are rated 18+

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You should keep the conversation on topic. Personal attacks are irrelevant.

Whats 4can?

(don’t answer that, I said keep the conversation on topic dude!)

Typical 4chan troll.

you also 13? :slight_smile: