Looking for bloods and crips playermodels.

Hey whats up guys. I’ve came here a couple times to get some help regarding some issues on LUA for my server and such and got some good help pretty quickly as well so I’m back for some more help. First things first, I want to thank everyone for previous help and support. So here is the deal, I use to use some bloods and crips player models for some blood and crips gangs I have on my DarkRP server and they really truly worked out and looked great, but the creator of the add on in the workshop stopped development for or discontinued the add on so I’m using regular HL2 player models now for both the gangs. I was wondering if anyone has a hard copy of some bloods and crips playermodels I can get from you via email or something? Or maybe you guys may know where I can get these models? Maybe even somewhere on the workshop that I missed looking (I am not here because I’m lazy and didn’t look on the workshop). These models go very well with DarkRP and make game play much more fun. Thanks in advance guys.

I would be careful with using these models. The original owner of the B&C Models had to take them down because they were receiving threats from actual Bloods, and Crips. Many more reports surfaced against server owners who use these models to RP(Some see it as making fun of the gangs) So all im saying is, be cautious with this, but here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=487709186&searchtext=gang+models You can download that, and use Gmad to extract it. Find the models for the gangsters, and use them for the jobs.

Okay thank you for the concern and info, and also thanx for the link.

Some models in that pack are from GTA San Andreas, so I doubt that some random GMod addon creator would die or be threatened considering Rockstar has managed to not be killed so far having creating the models…