Looking for brazilians players to play with

Hello, My name is Bruno and I’m looking for brazilians players to play with, I’m sorry if this is the wrong forums but I didn’t see any subforums about this.
add me on skype if you are looking for a brazilian players : bruno.lapa3
I’m 14 years old so please don’t expect some DEEEEP Voice or anything like that, i’m just looking someone to have fun with.

-wrong section-

I don’t know if a server can support that many people. How many is a brazilian anyways?

Gibe c4 pls or i report yu HUEHUEHUEHUE.


fera, procura na lista com ping baixo um server com nome Last Choice Gaming, tem poucos players (média de 20), admins sempre on e eu jogo lá com uma galera, meu clan é o vhd e eu sou o riQue

Jogue no novo servidor do monark, em média 100 players a tarde, adms sempre on…

Para se conectar pressione a tecla F1 assim que entrar no game Rust e digite:

What section did you think you were in that you thought you could get away with saying “No one likes Brazilians.”?

Also, please use English here, guys. I’m not a mod, I can’t tell you what to do, but it is in the rules.

Thought this was GMF, had the wrong tab open.